Djordje Milojkovic started to play piano at the age of five. Primary and secondary musical education
gained in Nis. Considering him the most talented and the most perspective young pianist, Professor
Arbo Valdma invites him in his class. At age of sixteen he passed entrance examination at the Music
Academy of Belgrade, as the first on the list. By the end of his studies in Belgrade he won seven first
awards. At 1988. he won at the festival”Zmaj”, which was intended for students of various
academies of Yugoslavia, for the best performance of Rachmaninov. At 1989. he was a winner of the
competition”E.P.T.A.” That was event which marked the beginning of his concert performances and
affirmed him as the leading Yugoslavian pianist.

At 1990. in competition of sixty young pianists from all over the world, Maria Tipo (direct successor
of Feruccio Busoni`s piano school) chose only Djordje for post-master studies (Virtuosité) at the
Geneva Conservatory. From 1993. to 1996. Djordje continued his studies with Edith Fischer (the best
student of legendary Claudio Arrau) and finished them with the highest possible qualifications.
Milojkovic was an active participant in various master-classes, held by renowned pianists and
pedagogues: A. Valdma (Russia), D. Bashkirov (Russia), B. Davidovich (USA), V. Krpan (Croatia), M.
Tipo (Italy), S. Chelibidache (Germany), N. Goerner (Argentina) and E. Fischer (Switzerland).
In his presentations as a soloist in recital, or when accompanied by major symphony orchestras in
Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Geneva, Bern, Lausanne, Rome, Florence, Paris,
London, Lyon, Copenhagen, Philadelphia, Houston, Austin, New York; Djordje Milojkovic always was
a favourite of audiences and music critics. Eminent Swiss critic Jean Cossetto describes him as ”the
phenomenon of the 21st century pianism whose interpretation is characterized by original and
unique access toward the sound, music and instrument by itself, persuasiveness and power, purity
of lines, the real musical cathedral inside rich pianistic invoice, expressive power and luxurious

As assistant of professor Valdma in Belgrade (1989-1991) and as leading professor in Geneva since
1992, Milojkovic is active and accredited member of Association of Swiss pedagogues and main
expert at the Swiss Academy of Music and musical pedagogy. Milojkovic is the owner of extreme and
unique pedagogical skill. He gave over 100 master classes all over the world. He was founder and
director of prestigious Academy in Switzerland” L`école Traditionnelle Russe de Piano” whose
concept is based on the synthesis of current leading directions of piano pedagogy, modelled on work
of Anton Rubinstein, founder of Saint Petersburg Conservatory. One of the main goals of his work is
passing rich pianistic heritage of Beethoven and romantic heritage of Claudio Arrau (pupil of Martin
Krause, pupil of Liszt) and specific Busoni`s aesthetics on the next generations. Milojkovic was
founder, director an exclusive sponsor of festival”International Academy Arbo Valdama” in
Switzerland at the Hindemith House.

Currently, he is Artistic Director of Dinu Lipatti Memorial and Professor at Kalaidos University of
Applied Sciences in Zurich.


Prof. Djordje Milojkovic

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